Our Story

Introducing Pendulum Summit

Pendulum Summit is the world’s leading business and self-empowerment summit that will elevate you and your team to excellence. If you have always had an insatiable appetite for creating an exceptional life, this is the event for you.

With the success of five previous sell-out summits, transforming the lives of 16,000+ attendees, we are the fastest event to supercharge yourself, your team and your business. Our ripple effect of maximizing individual and business success is delivered by the most respected authorities in the world who deliver the most advanced approaches to Self-Empowerment, Leadership, Team Performance, Business Excellence, Professional and Wealth Elevation, and Authentic Relationships.

Pendulum Summit Founders

Frankie & Norma Sheahan

Entrepreneur, speaker and former professional rugby player – Frankie is the Global CEO of Pendulum Summit, the world’s leading business and self-empowerment summit specializing in maximizing individual and business.

Creative entrepreneur and life coach – Norma is the Creative Director of Pendulum Summit. Norma is passionate about business and empowering individuals to unlock their fullest potential to create an authentic life of infinite possibilities.

The Ripple Effect

Frankie, Norma and their team’s mission is to spread Pendulum’s movement across the globe, bringing the event to New York. Many locations tried earnestly to bring the summit to their city, but for Frankie and Norma, New York embodied the resilience, tenacity and can-do spirit that Pendulum Summit strives to epitomize. Speakers at Pendulum Summit New York 2018 included Deepak Chopra, Steve Forbes and Suzy Welch among others.

In addition to the summit, Pendulum Talks, an online learning platform showcasing the best of Pendulum’s previous speakers, enhances this ambition, enabling delegates to incorporate the wisdom from previous summits into their daily lives.

16,000+ Attendees & Growing

With the success of five previous sell-out summits in Ireland, transforming the lives of 16,000+ attendees. Whether you are an invited client, a CEO or a rewarded team member; our delegates are extremely ambitious, driven leaders with an insatiable appetite to constantly improve and meet like-minded people.

5 Pillars for Success

Our cutting-edge research has established 5 key pillars for individuals to elevate in order to cultivate a growth mind-set and adopt a higher standard of living. One degree of change in each of the 5 pillars overtime will lead to exponential individual and business success.

The 5 pillars are
  • Self-Empowerment
  • Authentic Relationships
  • Leadership and Team Performance
  • Business Excellence
  • Professional and Wealth Elevation

A sample of the institutions we collaborate with include the Demartini Institute, Roche Martin, Ferrazzi Greenlight Management Consulting and the Chopra Center.