Give Back

Pendulum has transformed the lives of countless people over the last four years and we are committed to transforming more in the future.

Pendulum Scholarship

The Pendulum Scholarship was launched in 2017 as a pilot programme in conjunction with but not exclusive to Jobcare Ireland under the guidance of Celtech M.D. Darragh Fanning. This initiative aims to inspire those who are most in need of guidance in attaining their goals. It allows a company to ‘sponsor’ a candidate who is down on their luck; a student; or anyone who you think would benefit from attending Pendulum Summit.

Hear from ‘David’ one lucky scholar at Pendulum Summit 2017:

I come from an environment where I have not had much interaction with the business world and in ways would feel less qualified and even intimidated at times. This has definitely changed because of the Pendulum Summit. My insecurities went and so did my fears as I mixed and talked with so many people in the professional world.

I learned how business is more to do with relationships than education. That is not to say that education is not important but that the best business is built on good relationships.

To hear the speakers talk about their own struggles and how they overcame them really struck a chord with my experiences in life and gave me fresh purpose to continue with this vision and to believe that with the right mindset, structure and plan anything can be achieved. It made me believe in myself more than I probably did before. Also to get the opportunity to meet with Lisa Nichols was really special and encouraging.

If you would like to sponsor someone for Pendulum Summit 2018, please contact us for more information on how you or your company can help bring inspiration to those who need it most.