8 Steps to a Clear Focus

There seems to be a million things demanding our attention these days.

Whereas in times past a music lover would have to physically seek out and purchase a record, they now have the entire catalogue of music history at their fingertips. This is the era of on-demand entertainment, with the virtues of delayed gratification not entirely appreciated by modern men and women.

How does this affect our working lives? Many people are struggling to pair analogue attitudes with digital realities. How can we focus in a world of stimulation and distraction? How can we be heard in an ocean of noise? One of our leading speakers at the inaugural Pendulum Summit New York, Jack Canfield, professes to have found the solution.

He speaks with a clear and serene ease, as you will see if you join us in New York on September 13th. This is thanks to a laser-like focus; that’s an anchoring principle of his that feeds into so much of his success. Below, he has outlined eight important elements that can help us achieve greater focus, and as a result, greater productivity and efficacy.

  1. Take one day completely off per week; no business phone, no emails, no work. Make it your day to think and plan.
  2. Spend time with your family; one day a week, at least, should be a full family day. Spend as much time as possible with the people you love and care about.
  3. Create an outline of what you want to accomplish the following day before going to sleep; write it down, don’t keep it in your head. Do that from Monday to Friday.
  4. Find one thing that makes your day better. We all have things that we enjoy doing, and it’s important to do something you enjoy every day.
  5. Take a nap; 25 minutes midday during the week will recharge you and ensure increased focus, especially when you’re up at dawn each morning.
  6. Ask for more. Don’t be scared of rejection. You need to ask people in all situations for exactly what you want, it’s what kids do and it works. Ask and you shall receive.
  7. Strive for consistency and persistency. Don’t abandon something after a couple of efforts; it can often take years of toil to become ‘an overnight success’.
  8. Keep promises. Most people don’t follow through and act on their words; if you do, it speaks strongly. Let people know that you get things done, and get them done. It’s a powerful skill.

Pendulum Summit, the world’s leading business and self-empowerment summit, takes place in New York on September 13th 2018 with an ironclad promise to elevate your team to excellence. Secure your place here.