4 Traits Found In Leaders

Pendulum Summit is all about elevation; taking your game to the next level both at home and in the office.

In the latter, this is most clearly manifested in the form of a promotion. Suzy Welch, one of our leading speakers at the inaugural Pendulum Summit New York this September 13th, knows all about this. She made her name as Editor-In-Chief of the Harvard Business Review, before authoring two bestselling books with her husband, the legendary Jack Welch, and in 2009 penning her own bestseller, 10-10-10: A Life Transforming Idea.

Here, she outlines four important traits that can help you secure that promotion and make the transition from employee to manager; four traits that are pivotal in performing as the leader of a successful team.

It can be tough to know how to transition from employee to manager. Even if there’s a clear path ahead within your company – which is far from a guarantee – it’s not always obvious what will make your boss realise that you’re ready to take that next step.

You need to show your manager that you’re already capable of managing people; not just for your own sake, but for the sake of the team. Once you can do that, you’re on your way. Below are the four traits needed to lead effectively.

  1. Build a great track record: Meet and exceed expectations in your current role. You’ll need a rock-solid record of achievement. The ‘bigs’ above you want to ensure you’ve made every team you’ve been on better with your behaviours.
  2. Deliver on your commitments: Leaders must follow through on their own long-term projects as well as oversee assignments from their direct reports; to be a leader, you must prove your diligence. The people above you in your company want proof you’re not in love with the sound of your own voice, but that you love delivering concrete results. If you’re organised and on top of things, those above you will take note.
  3. Maintain a positive rapport with your colleagues: This doesn’t mean you must be liked to be promoted; that certainly doesn’t hurt, but what helps even more is if you’re respected. Your colleagues should take you seriously; producing great work and working well with others help you gain respect, as does the manner in which you present yourself. To lead, show you’re an adult and that both your life and career are in order. There’s no worse leader than an individual, no matter how talented, who’s a personal wreck.
  4. Prove you can handle the nitty-gritty: Being a leader isn’t always glamorous. People higher than you in the chain of command want someone who won’t shy away from the less-than-fun elements of the job. Once you start managing people, you become part of ‘the system’. You hire people, write performance reviews, settle employee disagreements and let people go. You need to show that you can do that dance without resistance or exasperation. Ensure you can communicate well with others and are willing to see through company processes to the bitter end. If you can do this, it’s clear as day that you are ready and that you know work isn’t all about you.

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